Red Jurídica is formed by a team of lawyers, but we are much more. We are a group of people committed to the reality of their environment, with a desire for social transformation and involved in different causes, associations and grass-roots groups. We are citizens, neighbors, daughters, mothers and fathers, sisters and friends, united by critical involvement in different social processes and by a common concern: social justice. And we show this in the way we exercise our trade. We believe it is possible to create a space where the practice of Law is carried out from a critical perspective, dealing with reality, trying to understand and transform it.

These premises are the ones that, in 2009, led us to found Red Jurídica. We would be lying if we said that it has been easy. The truth is that it has been a slow and difficult process: in a country plagued by the economic crisis, pushing forward a coop of lawyers who exercised the law from a social perspective was an idea in which even the most optimistic of our friends found it difficult to believe in. Years have gone by and now we can be proud to say that our intuition was right.

Our Red Jurídica family has grown in time, and along the way we have collected awards, have run into partnetrs and have reaped success through litigation. If we look back, we recognize ourselves in that team of lawyers (although today we are more and more profficient than ever before) but, above all, in this group of committed people, friends, colleagues and professionals who do not give up and defend the principles that one day led them to set up this project.