About Red Jurídica



We are a team of lawyers committed to the reality of our environment and to social transformation. We get involved in different causes and collectives, because we believe that the practice of law cannot be separated from the reality that surrounds us.

At Red Jurídica we believe that social justice is a common concern that is reflected in the way we practice law. We want to transform our reality and that of our clients, and to this end, we work with a critical and transformative perspective, in constant dialogue with reality. In addition, we strive to maintain close and transparent communication with the people who entrust us with the resolution of their problems, so that they feel accompanied and empowered at all times.

Looking back, we see ourselves reflected in that initial team of professionals with a strong commitment and today we are proud to have created a legal cooperative with a social and critical vision of law. We have won countless cases in different fields, and we have been recognised with awards such as the Youth International Foundations. But what we are most proud of is our team: a group of lawyers who are characterised by our vocation and professionalism and who share the same vision and principles.

At Red Jurídica we offer you a committed, passionate and efficient team that works for social justice and the transformation of our reality. If you are looking for a team of lawyers with a critical and transformative perspective, contact us and find out how we can help you.



Red Jurídica is a cooperative of lawyers defined by its ethical commitment and its holistic vision of justice. In a world where the image of the legal profession is often questioned, Red Jurídica rejects the idea that the practice of law is merely the application of laws and regulations, and defends a more humane, just and supportive vision of the profession.

Committed to each person who relies on our work based on the principles of equality, justice and solidarity, Red Jurídica works to defend those who, without help, would not be able to confront the institutional apparatus or the influences of large economic actors. From a psychosocial perspective, we strive to offer the broadest possible accompaniment to each person during their process, offering professional, rigorous and attentive treatment that is also close, humane and caring.

These values guide the Red Jurídica project, whose heart is formed by the following principles:


The result of many years of experience, constant training and a high level of knowledge about the real functioning of the Administration of Justice, combined with a deep passion for the work we do.


Comprehensive perspective on all areas of law, taking into account the problems of each person and taking into account their particularities and priorities.


We work with such sensitive material as people’s lives. We are committed to treat each case with the seriousness and respect it deserves, we demonstrate in our practice that for us it is as serious as for anyone who decides to put it in our hands.


We operate according to democratic and social economy criteria. Our project is based on values such as solidarity, justice and sustainability, and its aim is to work for a more humane, fairer and more committed to people.