June 14th: Lecture on “Social and solidarity-economy businesses as a tool to stop discrimination of women’s rights during the pandemic” (CIRIEC Congress, Valencia)

The COVID 19 pandemic has caused the gap in distribution of gender roles to be widened. This, of course, has affected women and men differently. During this health crisis, women have been overburdened with health care and essential services, have been more involved in domestic work and care of dependents, and have suffered greater job insecurity and poverty, placing them in a worse position to face a new crisis. In this scenario of job instability and unequal care overload, social economy businesses have continued to place people at the center, prioritizing the different levels of care that people need. Social economy businesses have implemented work-life balance policies, adapting schedules and working hours, promoting teleworking or extending maternity, paternity or parental leave or leave of absence to care for family members from a gender perspective and in line with the principle of shared responsibility. These types of policies have enabled women to keep their jobs and combine them with care tasks during the pandemic period and have shown that we are facing a model of work organization that is sustainable and highly adaptable.

On June 14th, our colleague Silvia Beltrán will give a lecture (prepared jointly with Isabel Blas, a lawyer of the Valencian firm El Rogle) on this topic, at 17:00, at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Valencia, in the framework of the International Congress CIRIEC.

You can download the full program here: Program (English)

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