Administrative Law

Derecho administrativo Red Jurídica

Administrative practices are as unpredictable, due to their everyday nature, as any other aspect of the random set of actions that we are comfortable calling routine. Licenses, fines and tax penalties are true labyrinths through which we walk daily, and the commitment of our Administrative Law area is to offer the best guidance on the path to the exit.

Some of the actions we carry out:

• Requests to the Administration

• Defense in Administrative Sanctions

• Claim for Compensation for Wrongful Imprisonment

• Claims for Administrative Liability

• Forced Expropriations

• Pre-action Claims

• Defense in Administrative Courts

• Claims Against the Administration for Malfunction

• Abbreviated Administrative Litigation Procedures

• Ordinary Administrative Litigation Procedures

• Special Procedure for the Defense of Fundamental Rights

• Expungement of Records

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