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Our Civil Law department has an excellent team of lawyers with experience in practically all matters that encompass this area of law, and where customer service and excellence at work guide our work every day.

Some of the actions we carry out:

Family and Personal Law:

• Marriage, especially in international situations

• Civil annulment of marriage

• Divorce and mutual separation

• Divorce and separation without agreement between the members of the couple

• Alimony: request and modification of amount

• Custody: establishment and modification of measures and claims for breach of agreement

• Proceedings on the exercise of parental authority

• International child abduction

• Dissolution of joint property ownership

• Settlement of marital economic regime

• Recognition and challenge of paternity procedures

• Judicial adoption proceedings

• Judicial incapacitation. Appointment of a guardian or curator


• Leases

• Homeowners’ Associations

• Evictions and mortgage foreclosures

• Renovations and construction defects

• Real estate buying and selling

Consumer Law:

• Defense of consumers in banking services: abusive clauses, floor clauses, mortgage IRPH, mortgage expenses, or early termination clause

• Defense of consumers in contract matters: general conditions of contracting, abusive clauses in adhesion contracts, or penalties

• Defense of consumers in air or land transport: cancellations, delays, luggage loss or damage, or boarding denials

Tort Law:

• Medical malpractice: private healthcare; curative or aesthetic medicine

• Violation of the right to honor, privacy, or one’s own image

• Violation of intellectual property rights

Corporate and Cooperative Law:

• Formation, merger, and liquidation of social economy entities, capital companies, and associations

• Consulting in internal and external management

• Negotiation and drafting of agreements and contracts

• Creditors’ meeting and second chance law

• Debt claims

Inheritance Law:

• Inheritances

• Wills

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