Extradition and European Arrest Warrant

Extradición y OEDEs y Eurooórdenes Red Jurídica

Extraditions and European Arrest Warrant are judicial mechanisms of international cooperation to request and deliver a person from one country to another. Active extradition is the request to surrender a person to be judged or to serve a sentence and passive extradition is the surrender of an individual to the State that has requested it.

Within the European Union progress has been made in mutual trust between Courts and now there is a wide range of collaboration instruments between the judicial authorities of the countries: The European Detention and Surrender Order (OEDE), the European Surveillance Order (OEV ), the European Investigation Order (OEI) and the European Surveillance Order (OELV), although they are all clearly underutilized in favor of the more restrictive instrument, the OEDE.

These judicial processes require, in addition to knowledge of national law, an element of internationalization (Languages, alliances with foreign offices, etc.) to be able to analyze the law of each country and the law of the European Union.

At Red Jurídica we have extensive experience in active and passive extraditions with countries outside the European Union and in European Arrest Warrant and other mechanisms in the case of people residing in some country of the European Union.

Some of the performances we carry out:

• Preliminary Consultation.

• Active Extradition Procedure.

• Passive Extradition Procedure.

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