Urgent action: Quash Algerian whistleblower Mohamed Benhalima’s death sentence

Benhalima Mohamed Azzouz

Mohamed Benhalima is an activist, former military official and whistleblower who exposed the corruption of high-ranking Algerian military officials online. He sought asylum in Spain but the Spanish authorities refouled him to Algeria in March without due process or evaluation of his asylum claim.

The Algerian authorities imprisoned him in El Harrash prison in Algiers before moving him to El-Blida military prison where he is awaiting completion of investigations and trial on several cases before the military and civil courts.

He was sentenced to death in absentia, while still an asylum seeker in Spain, on charges of espionage and desertion.

Amnesty International has launched an Urgent Action calling for people to write President Abdelmagid Tebboune asking for his release. You can download a model letter by clicking here.

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